Who is TAFKAN?

The Search

A never-ending search for myself.
A quest for connections and truth.
A recurring and constantly changing, melancholic trip.

The Perspective

Share my insecurity.
Share the idea.
Perspective on a world that overtakes itself.
Pass myself.
Shuttle back and forth.
Frames of certainty, sometimes.
I do not need that.

The Connection

I'm not underground.
I'm not mainstream.
I'm not a subculture.
I'm not an art business.
I'm a tool.
I'm you and me and in between.

The Journey

Standing sweaty on the platform.
I'm way too early.
Every step meticulously planned.
Strike up a conversation with strangers.
Leave a message.
Want to stay.

The Attack

Injustice is a trigger.
A short attack.
No matter.